Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Do you suppose God hears the prayer of the blogger? I wonder - because I am most often moved to pray in this space. I am challenged in my prayer life by the wanderings of my often overloaded (not with heavy thoughts, trust me!) brain. But here in this space I seem more able to focus, to bend my mind toward God. As a person journeying in the Reformed tradition, I believe in this inner calling, that somehow the Spirit of God is reaching out to touch my spirit. And I affirm the outward calling of my sisters in ministry, that God's Spirit present in the church is ministering to me through them and calling me to share my gifts with them. So perhaps the desire to pray here in this space is legitimate and somehow holy. Of course, if reaching out toward God - praying, indeed - is somehow theology, as that obscure Swiss theologian Karl Barth seems to suggest - than perhaps all life is prayer. We do believe that all life, broken and disordered as it surely is, is in one way or another reaching out toward God, right?

Or maybe it's too early in the morning after too late a night for coherent theology, prayer, or thought:)


Blogger Iris said...

Yes, indeed, I believe God hears the prayers of the blogger! Also, through this technology, sisters in Christ who may have never met otherwise have the opportunity to uphold one another in prayer.

Blessings as you utilize blogging as one of your spiritual disciplines!

11:44 PM  
Blogger revabi said...

Hey I pray in my space. It helps me and my prayer is that it helps others. So yes I believe.

12:29 AM  

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