Monday, September 18, 2006

Living into the "priesthood of all believers" is really tough. Especially when it comes to the physical stewardship of church properties and functions. Volunteers are a blessing and a curse. A blessing because volunteer labor allows us not only to accomplish so much more in the name of God than we could otherwise, but because the opportunity to volunteer is also the opportunity to grow in Christian discipleship. A curse because it strikes me that over and over again, we allow people to volunteer for tasks we know they will not complete and then we get angry and disappointed when they live up to our expectations.

Sometimes it makes one long for the money to hire these things out!


Blogger revabi said...

Pastornines, welcome to revgalblogpals. Ain't it grand to be a pastor and work with mostly an all volunteer group. I concur, I concur.

4:54 PM  
Blogger pastornines said...

You gotta luv 'em - when they're not driving you crazy. One of the darlings is lovingly known as the "Sunrise Gardner" because he walks at dawn - and gardens the churchyard as he goes. Only he never picks up after himself - pulled weeds and trimmings everywhere. But - the beds ARE weeded - that's something, right? Tell that to the nursery school inspector who wanted to know why she had to climb through pine branches to get to the front door. Yikes!

Thanks for the welcome - this is great!

10:59 PM  

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