Friday, September 15, 2006

1. Tell us about a time...
The fam was in Rome waiting in line for the Vatican museums to open. The boy suddenly realized that something was happening and that he wanted to be part of it. Resisting all attempts by forceful Italian grandmothers to dislodge him with their suitcase size purses and sharp elbows, he claimed a spot at the curb and refused to move. We joined him and waited. And so glad we did. Pope John Paul rode past in the Popemobile not three feet away. An amazing experience of holiness on wheels. Both men in the family were overcome with tears - I've never quite felt that before.

2. Tell us about a celebrity....
I'd like to meet the racehorse Barbaro and his people. Someone once said that there's nothing better for the inside of a (wo)man than the outside of a horse. I think the inside of this horse and his people is pretty amazing too. Tremendous spirit, huge heart, and courage in spades.

3. Tell us about someone great...
Everyone should have a chance to meet my husband. He is the world's nicest guy, the greatest dad and the best life partner anyone could ever ask for. That sappy song, /The Wind Beneath My Wings/ doesn't even begin to express it. I don't know how women who aren't married to my husband do the work asked of pastors. Too bad - he's mine ;)

4. Do I collect....
Nope, no autographs or other collections. Not enough patience, I'm afraid.

5. If I were to become famous....
I'd like to be famous for proving the NY Times article about the stained glass ceiling wrong. In fact, I'd really like to be famous for that.

bonus round:
No question about this one. Joel Osteen's fifteen minutes are up. Now will someone please tell him!


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